Watch What This Mom Does When Her Baby Drops A Burger On The Floor, Throw Her In Jail ASAP


Parents are supposed to be good examples for their kids, teaching them the ways of the world and helping them out when they are in need. Unfortunately not every has great parents – like this sad story about a poor toddler who dropped his burger.

When you see how his mom reacts, you will be outraged! No one should treat a child like this.

Warning to those sensitive to violence: this video is pretty graphic. It starts out showing a little boy and his mother. His burger and tray are strewn across the floor, but the way his mom reacts is absolutely insane.

First she rips him out of his chair and throws the little boy to the floor. Then she grabs him and punches him in the face.

This woman deserves to be put behind bars for how she treats her child, as she clearly has anger issues and shouldn’t be in charge of another persons life.

I was shocked watching this video, as I have never seen anyone treat a child like that, and especially not in public. there is absolutely no excuse for this terrible behavior.

The United States has one of the worst records of child abuse among industrialized nations, and awful people like this are a major reason why. Thankfully there are resources for children in bad situations, so if you see something like this video, make sure to call the police. You may save a child’s life!

Were you as shocked as I was by this horrible woman’s actions towards her child? Sound off in the comments below!