Widow in need gets more than she hoped from Operation Blessing


Due to what may have been a misguided moment of kindness, Agnes Maples was facing serious repercussions. A relative who’d been using her yard to store all sorts of belongings for years had left her to deal with the consequences: Complaints from her neighbors had amassed to the point where the city had threatened to fine her $2,500 a day if she didn’t clear out all the trash.

“With nowhere to turn,” CBN.com reports, the 90-year-old lady asked an organization of benevolent helpers for assistance. Operation Blessing’s mission is to try “demonstrating God’s love” by intervening with people who do not have the means to help themselves in dire situations, both locally and around the world. The group operates in 37 different countries and will tackle anything from disaster relief to backyard messes, as demonstrated in the video below.

To help Maples, Operation Blessing teamed up with Regent University, according to CBN.com, to get rid of everything in her yard, tear down the worn-down trailer that was collecting dust and rust among the rubble, make improvements to her shed and install some flower beds to replace the garbage.

To top it all off, Operation Blessing granted Maples’ other wish: a brand-new air-conditioning system, which was sorely lacking in her home. “They’re all my little angels,” Maples told CBN.com. “I never will forget them, and I love them.”