Wife Texts Husband She Found A Puppy, Then He Flips When He Realizes It’s Not A Dog In The Photo


Kayla is a mother of two young kids in Seaside, Oregon. Recently, she texted her partner Justin to tell him she found an adorable puppy wandering outside alone.

Being the kindhearted caretaker she is, Kayla told Justin she took the dog in, where he quickly bonded with their two kids. They even named the dog Spot, and he began cuddling up on the couch like he was part of the family.

But the second Justin saw Spot’s photo, he realized Spot wasn’t exactly the snuggly pet Kayla thought. Thus began a long and heated exchange between Kayla and Justin… and you have to see how it all came down to one surprising conclusion.

After posting the words and photos to Facebook, Kayla had no idea her hilarious text exchange with Justin would go massively viral overnight…

Note: The following texts contain some graphic language.

Kayla Eby of Seaside, Oregon sent her partner a text message after rescuing a sweet puppy outside all alone, with no tags or ID.


Kayla kindly took the puppy in, where he quickly bonded with their two young children.


But then Justin began to respond…