Woman lives in a 90 sq ft. apartment in NYC. Step inside and see how she lives


It’s a well-known fact that living in New York City is incredibly pricy and expensive. Not only is the apartment rent absurdly high, the standard of living there is much higher than other cities as food and other necessities are marked up. To combat this, many New York residents are thinking outside-the-box. They are thinking of unique ways to live in the city in a cost-efficient manner. Felice Cohen has found the most innovative way to live in New York, and her method is unlike anything I have seen before.

Cohen lives in the Upper West Side of New York, and she is within walking distance to New York’s greatest attractions such as Central Park and the Lincoln Center. From this description, you might think that Cohen is paying a very expensive rent rate. However, she only pays $700 a month for her own room! But to be able to do this, Cohen was forced to give up some things…

Cohen lives in a 90 square feet apartment. It’s not much bigger than your child’s bedroom, but somehow, Cohen manages to fit her entire life into this super small room. She’s a professional organizer by trade, so for her, living in such a compact area was rather simple.

She utilizes every single inch of her 12 x 7 space. Her bedroom is a lofted bed with a ladder to create more storage space. She doesn’t have a closet door in her apartment, and she someone created a makeshift kitchen in a kitchen-less apartment. Not only that, Cohen’s space is even big enough to create gorgeous works of art at home. Cohen couldn’t be happier with her living situation.

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