This Woman Made The Most Epically Huge Blanket You’ve Ever Seen…Get Ready


Everyone has a favorite blanket. You certainly aren’t as close to it as you were the blankets you had as a kid, but there’s still that one blanket that’s extra comfortable. The one that you definitely look forward to snuggling with when its cold. Your favorite blanket is as important to falling asleep as your pillow or mattress. You can’t fall asleep without it.

Redditor, kiwiwolf314 recently posted about a blanket she made that, I’m sorry to say, will most definitely replace your current favorite blanket. It’s a huge, homemade blanket that is also the most comfortable looking thing you’ve ever seen.

Now that is one big ol’ blanket. Everything about it looks gigantic, and tremendously cozy.

It started out by rolling the strands of wool batting in a sheet to give them the proper shape.

She then tightly tied the tubes in sections so they wouldn’t fall apart when she washed them in a bath tub. This helped to lightly felt the wool.

Then, she hung the strands out to dry. Once dry, it was time to start weaving an epic blanket.

In order to knit the giant strands together, she had to use huge pieces of PVC pipe as knitting needles.

This is next-level knitting – it must have taken forever.

But all the time and effort paid off, and this beautiful monster of a blanket did just what it was intended to – keep everyone warm!

(via: Reddit,ViralNova)

You have no idea how jealous I am right now. This blanket looks like a wintry dream.