Woman Tells Bullied Teen She Doesn’t Need To Change Her Appearance


While dining at a restaurant, a woman couldn’t help but overhear a disturbing situation. Three teenage girls were grabbing some lunch, and at first it seemed like a friendly gathering, but things turned into a real peer pressure situation. Two of the girls insisted that their friend needed to lose weight and that the only way to do so was with diet pills. When the bullied girl suggested there was a better way to lose weight, the young women scoffed at the thought of diet and exercise.

“Everyone at school is taking them, haven’t you noticed everyone is thinning out?” one of the bullies says. “Well, why do I have to take them?” the teen replies. The scenario comes from ABC News’ What Would You Do? , the show that puts strangers’ kindness to the test. If you saw a blatant injustice, would you stand idly by or would you take action? It’s these kinds of social experiments that reveal whether or not people will put their money where their mouth is when it comes to their values.

One woman who was watching, sitting in the booth across from the girls, rose to the occasion. Not only did she tell the bullies that diet pills were dangerous, but she told the young woman that she didn’t need to change, especially not to impress the boys at school!

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