Young Soldiers Celebrate Their Military Roots With Song ‘Proud Of Who I Am’


In the military, soldiers learn the tactical methods necessary to help defend our land and keep every citizen free. But despite their stoic, hard exterior, there’s often more to our troops than meets the eye.

I’m not just talking about their relationships with family and friends when they’re off the base, but how many find a way to embrace their musical side, too! Whether they’re performing as part of a sanctioned choir or just cutting lose with their buddies, you might be surprised to hear how impressive the pipes can be behind their serious faces.

I noticed the two young men in the video below one day while scrolling my Facebook feed as usual, but as soon as I heard what they were singing? I knew I had to stop my casual skimming and really listen. Not only does the singer sound like he should be on the radio, but the words they wrote prove that no matter what naysayers might say against them, they’ll always be proud of who they are. In fact, that’s the title of their song, “Proud Of Who I Am.” Describing exactly who that is — “redneck, camo-wearing son of a gun for the red white and blue” — made me proud of them, too!

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