Riddles are a fun way to get your brain working. All of us need a little brain stimulation now and then — especially after all those long hours so many of us spend staring at a TV or computer screen.

This is one riddle I particularly enjoyed — and am proud to say I solved it!

Almost every time I come home to my grandparents, I find crosswords, sudoku or any other games laying around in the living room. For them, these little forms of brain stimuli keep them on top of things — and rightly so.

Indeed, keeping one’s brain active is important — regardless of age.

20 percent solve it

Apparently, only 1 out of 5 people solve this riddle right away — quite a small number if you think of it.

I think this is the kind of riddle you either get right away or don’t at all.

Well, here it is:

All 5 sisters are busy. Ann is reading a book, Rose is cooking, Kate is playing chess and Mary is doing laundry. What’s the fifth sister doing?

If you already figured out the answer, you can almost certainly call yourself a genius. You belong to the 20% who can figure it out right away. If, on the other hand, you have not arrived at the solution, we won’t torture you — find it below.

The answer is that the fifth sister is playing chess. Kate obviously needs a playmate! Many guess that the fifth sister is writing the riddle down — but playing chess is the official answer.

Don’t be selfish now — press the share button if you were right or if you want to send your friends a fun challenge!

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