Only 1 Out Of Every 100 People Can Find All 6 Hidden Objects In This Photo. How Many Did You Find?


Word searches were always one of my favorite things to do, and it is great that there are more and more similar activities being published today urging people to find hidden objects.

If you haven’t done one of these activities in a while, this one will prove extra challenging, as it is rather non conventional as well.

Among scores and scores of coffee beans, there are six hidden objects in the mix.  It is especially challenging to find all six because they have the same general shape, along with the same general color tone.

They are practically invisible at first sight!

You should be able to spot 3 baby faces, and 3 lady bugs.


Spotting them is pretty tricky, and requires a lot of concentration.

People have commented that they were able to spot the 6 objects in anywhere between 30 seconds, and 2 minutes.  How long did it take you?


If finding all of them is a bit tricky, they are circled in red below.  Take a look and see how close you got!


How long did spotting the objects take you?  Let us know in the comments below!