There’s nothing quite like a good prank. Sadly, that’s something these folks had to learn the hard way. Finding a way to bring joy to people’s lives is a great goal to have, even if it’s at someone else’s expense (even a little bit).

Maybe you can take some inspiration from their hilarious misfortune, especially #11. After all, Halloween is right around the corner.

1.) The furniture is alive, and it’s looking for revenge.

2.) Nothing like scaring the hell out of fishermen.


3.) That will certainly wake you up.

4.) Almost artistic.

5.) “We come in peace.”

6.) “I am box monster!”

7.) Physics is awesome.

8.) Now this prank will mess with your head.

9.) All he wanted was lunch.

10.) I think I know why your car isn’t running properly.


11.) A little bit of fall pranking for you.

12.) And that’s the end of that friendship.

13.) Nothing like a little hospital visit to spice up a family get together, right?

14.) The ultimate office productivity killer.

15.) I don’t think this guy will ever bungee jump again.

16.) When you’re sleeping on the job, hilarious things happen to you.

17.) Never let yourself be distracted, that’s how they get you.

18.) Now that’s surprising.


19.) In an elevator, there is no escape.

20.) Hehehehehe.

21.) Gotta watch where you’re running.

22.) Sleeping in class only leads to bad things.

23.) Good thing that guy just went to the bathroom, or he probably would have wet his pants.

24.) Taking water boarding to a whole new level.

25.) When you oversleep, bad things happen.

26.) This is just cruel and unusual.


27.) This would freak me out.

28.) Finally, air mattresses are cool again.

29.) I think this guy deserved it.

30.) Wow. Nice one.

31.) This guy needs a better home security system.

32.) That’s a horrible present.


(Via: Ebaum’s World,viralnova.)

Ouch, I’m sure I’d be pretty angry is my friends pulled any of these pranks on me. However they are quite hilarious to watch happen to other people.

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