She Was Alone In The Elevator With Her Dog. I’m SHOCKED By What The Camera Caught.


Warning: This video contains content that may be disturbing to some viewers — but the dog is okay!!

25-year-old Tamara of Toronto was with her two dogs in the elevator, when something truly shocking happened. While it may be disturbing to watch, rest assured her pups were fine.

Vado’s leash got caught in the elevator doors as they closed, and Tamara knew she had to act fast. You can tell she’s petrified and panicked, but she manages to free Vado in time. This could have turned into a real tragedy, but thank God Tamara did what she needed to do.

Tamara has been criticized by many, who claim she was being careless about Vado’s leash. However, it’s clear she loves her dogs. Parents make mistakes, and she stepped up to this nightmarish situation.

This video is a great reminder to always remember to be aware of the leash, and not to never let it drag.

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