Final Photo Of Famous Actress Is Completely Unrecognizable. Rest In Peace


She paved the way for celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift. Without her trailblazing ways, the modern celebrity would not have been the same. She was a Hungarian-American actress, but she was better known for her scandalous marriages and personality. She would appear and public and instantly become a tabloid extravaganza. Everyone wanted to know more about her. But while she was known as a beauty throughout her life, in her final moments, She was totally unrecognizable. And she passed away at the age of 99 at her home in Bel Air, Los Angeles. See the final moments of her days captured in photographs because they’re not what you expect.

According to IMDb, “Undoubtedly the woman who had come to epitomize what we recognize today as “celebrity”, is better known for her many marriages, personal appearances, her “dahling” catchphrase, her actions, life gossip, and quotations on men, rather than her film career.”

Throughout the last few years of her life, she was struggling with her health. And she had bouts of illness constantly although she wouldn’t have wanted you to know that.

The car accident in 2002 that partly paralyzed her was the beginning of her health’s demise. She suffered a stroke a few years later in 2005 and had her leg partially amputated in 2011. In 2012, she suffered a severe throat infection and had to go to the hospital. Health was not in abundance for herr in her final years of life. Instead she struggled day to day to get through to the next.

During her career, she was always revered for her larger than life personality. She led men along like puppy dogs and got married and divorced many times – as if to put on a show for the public. In the end, she had a total of nine marriages. For a stint, she was married to Conrad Hilton, which made her the great aunt to socialite Paris Hilton, who probably took a few life lessons from her on how to be a celebrity.

IMDb wrote more about her final years: “In 2002, she was reported to be in a coma in a Los Angeles hospital after a horrifying car accident. The 85-year-old star was injured when the car she was traveling in hit a utility pole in West Hollywood, California. The reports about her coma, eventually proved to be inaccurate. Her life, spanning two continents, nine husbands, and eleven decades, came to an end on December 18, 2016, when she died of cardiac arrest in Los Angeles, California. She was 99.”

She was known for her quick wit and constant humor. She once; said, “I call everyone ‘darling’ because I can’t remember their names.”

And she also said, “I’m a great housekeeper. I get divorced. I keep the house.”

She certainly won’t be forgot. And her flamboyant personality will continue to inspire celebrities into the future. If anyone knew how to keep the spotlight shining on her.

Can you name who this icon is based on the information given? Check out the video below for additional information and find out if you were able to figure out who this is. She will be missed. R.I.P.