> How to do the foundation single crochet (video & written tutorial)

How to do the foundation single crochet (video & written tutorial)

Fed up with trying to crochet into a tight foundation chain? Bored with chaining 170 stitches before you can even start on an Afghan? Worried that your chaining style leaves your projects scrunched up at the start?
If you’ve faced any of these problems, you’ll love this guide to foundation single crochet, a way to liberate yourself from chains forever. Foundation single crochet is much less tight than chain stitching, so it is easier to work into and keeps projects stretchy – vital for making comfortable and wearable sweaters, hats, and gloves. You can also judge the length or width of a project by eye, instead of having to chain in advance.
Watch this great foundation single crochet video tutorial:
You don’t need any special materials for foundation single crochet – just choose whatever yarn you like to suit your crochet project, and select a hook in a suitable size. Check your yarn band if you’re not sure. You’ll also need a tapestry needle and scissors for the project itself.
Ch chain
Sc single crochet
Fsc foundation single crochet
Yo Yarn over
Written instructions
First create a slip knot, then ch 2. Insert hook into the second ch from the hook, the first ch st you made, then y o and pull through one loop. Yo and pull through one again. Yo and pull through both loops, and your first fsc is completed. To make your next st, insert your hook through both ‘V’s of the bottom st, y o, pull through, y o and pull through again, then yo and pull through both loops. Now continue with this technique until you have your desired number of foundation single crochet stitches.
As you will see, the finished work has the appearance of a chain of stitches with single crochet on top – but as you have seen, it is not made that way and gives you all the advantages of flexibility and elasticity.