Irish singers Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard perform haunting Adele mashup

With her soaring, powerful vocals, Adele’s ballads seem pretty untouchable pieces of musical perfection. However, this viral video finds two Irish men, Glenn Murphy and Ronan Scolard, creating a piano-accompanied medley that comes pretty close to perfection all on its own. The duet features Scolard on the piano, and the combination of their voices can only be described as “haunting.”
Murphy worked to capitalize on the video’s viral nature, asking on social media for anyone who might know the Grammy-winning singer to pass the link along. “So if anyone knows @Adele + can tell her that @ronanscolard and I will be at the show tonight that would be fab,” the young tenor posted on Twitter. Their campaign seemed to work as the singer pulled them onstage at her Dublin concert, where the original artist thanked the singers for performing her songs, “so beautifully.”
The duet arrangement includes Adele classics “Someone Like You,” “Hello,” “All I Ask,” and “When We Were Young.” Murphy previously performed in musicals and operas, while Scolard is a composer, arranger, singer and, obviously, pianist.
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