Mom Buys Coffee For Women Who Made Fun Of Her


What’s the one thing that you want to teach your children? While things like the counting and the ABCs are important, there are some lessons that are only taught by example, and that’s exactly why one mother in Michigan decided to do something very unexpected when faced with a sticky situation. Read on to see how this woman chose to take the highest possible road rather than play dirty, all because she wanted to be a positive role model for her little girl.

Dianne Hoffmeyer was already having a rough day. Her 22-month-old daughter was teething and having a hard time keeping it together. Deciding to appease both of their cravings, mom decided to head to the nearest Tony Horton’s shop to purchase some donut holes for her baby to gum, and a tall cup of of joe for herself to nurse her own tired woes. She thought she had come up with the perfect solution, but little did she know, she was opening herself up to a whole new set of problems.

As she stood in line and placed her order, Dianne heard 2 middle-aged women behind her cracking jokes–but they were anything but funny. She listened as one woman commented about Dianne’s hair, saying that she could see her roots coming up. As if channeling young teenage girls, the women continued with their ugly banter as they said of Dianne, “She’s a whale; oh, the whale needs to eat!”

Hearing this going on behind her, Dianne wanted to scream and shout at the cruel women, but instead, she did something that surprised even herself. She told the cashier that she wanted to pay for both women’s cups of coffee. After heading to her car to cry it out, Dianne put it into perspective and decided that she had made the right choice. After all, those coffees may have cost her a few extra bucks, but showing her daughter how to handle a bully, that’s just priceless.

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