> Musical Golden Retriever 'Sings' Along To Wind Chimes

Musical Golden Retriever ‘Sings’ Along To Wind Chimes


Ana Brown was cleaning the garden one day when she brought a garden hook, commonly used for flowers, into the backyard and hung up bells to keep them out of the way. But when Blue’s golden retriever walked by and touched her head to the bells, she found her new favorite toy! 😀

And since then, Blue has been working on her unique musical abilities! Every day a talented dog “rings” the bells to sing along.

“I don’t know if she loves the sound, or if she knows she can play it herself,” Ana Brown told The Dodo. “It’s almost like she tries to keep in tune with it.”

And when Mom went out for new, beautiful chimes, Blue did not want to have anything to do with it. The creature of habit just wants the old gadget he’s used to. So funny! 🙂