Neighbors Are Confused When He Dug Massive Hole In His Yard, Days Later They’re All Jealous


Wild ideas pop out of nowhere. Maybe you’re in the shower, pulling weeds in your garden, or taking a walk. Ideas do not discriminate, they strike when they want and they have no mercy. It’s up to us to discern what is awesome and what is insane.

Have you ever had a wild idea on how to improve your home or yard? Well, this guy did and instead of brushing it off, he decided to go for it. And we’re not talking about Wayne Martin just upgrading his backyard shed to the status of a man cave.

His project took hours of planning and even more in execution. And it all started with him digging a massive hole in his backyard. At first, neighbors were angry – he was ruining his property. How would that affect their property value? They were livid! Then they realized his plans were much better than their puny imaginations had allowed…

After Wayne had dug the massive hole, a huge shipment arrived. It was a 20-foot metal shipping container. He found it for sale on the internet at a low price. And because he had a special usage in mind for it, he didn’t care if it was in pristine condition or not.

Because he did his research, took his time, and shopped around, he saved lots of money and not only made his DIY project cost-effective but budget friendly as well.

After digging the hole, Wayne needed to make some modifications on the shipping container. He sealed its double door and installed a swinging one instead. With this ready, he started lowering it into the hole he had created with a backhoe. He made sure it was two-feet wider and longer than the shipping container itself and extra room for the swinging front door. Why? Because he was about to lower it into the ground.

His local septic tank company brought over their crane and helped lower his modified shipping container into the hole.

With the massive box in place, he inserted a sump pump in front of the door. This piece of plumbing equipment would help drain any water out of the enclosed space – therefore making sure his underground lair wouldn’t get flooded.

Next came the concrete steps. These led right down to the front door. Things were really coming together. And when he installed the two I-beams, he added the rest of the framework. On top of that, he laid sheets of corrugated metal to form a roof over the underground shipping container. Now, anyone who stepped on it would not fall through.

As the roof takes shape, Wayne installs air vents into the top of the shipping container. As you can probably guess by now, it is going to be an underground hangout of sorts.

With the framework ready, he poured six inches of concrete on top of the corrugated metal. When that dried, on went the high-cost soil.

And with everything done, Wayne had his perfect bunker ready to be filled with wine! No wonder neighbors are jealous…