Going on a safari is an adventure of a lifetime.

You can close to wild species like majestic elephants as they roam free on the sierra (or hey, even on a street in a South Africa park) or catch a rare glimpse of an endangered African dog. Seeing one of these animals in their natural environment, in real life, seems like a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

That is, until you see people experiencing this once-in-a-life-time opportunity and then something even more incredible (and slightly terrifying) occurs.

A few tourists driving through the Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya got an extra-special surge of adrenaline when a pack of cheetahs decided to literally commandeer their car. These poor folks most likely thought that they would get up close and personal with these animals — but they probably never imagined that they would get this close.

Personally, when I saw what happened, I gasped! These pictures are really something else…

When the car pulled up on the cheetahs, the biggest of the pack locked eyes with Irish tourist Mickey McCaldin as he lunged onto their ride.


As he lounged casually on the hood, the passengers in the car sat petrified. Eventually, the rest of the cheetahs in the pack hopped onto the roof of the car — except for one.


One cheetah decided to sit back and gauge the scene. But eventually he got curious and sprung into action.


The cheetah decided to say, “Hello!” to Mickey. His friend, David Horsey, was sitting nearby and captured the rare moment.


Yet, the vibe soon switched from surreal to scary as soon as the cat decided to get a little closer. David, who was snapping the shots, explained: “I think [Mickey] was quite concerned it might try and sit in his lap.” Fortunately, the silly kitty spent a few minutes riding around with the tourists before jumping out to go on with his day. The cheetah will probably forget all about this incident, but Mickey — and the other riders — certainly never will!


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