Scientists Say California’s Next Big Earthquake Is Coming. Here’s What You Need To Know


Southern California residents are in for a big shake up in the coming months. Although there have been rumors for years that a large earthquake was looming in on the region, scientists are warning that as time goes on, the possibility keeps becoming larger. According to leading earthquake scientists at the National Earthquake Conference in Long Beach, CA, the San Andreas fault is “locked, loaded and ready to go” for a large quake.

The San Andreas fault is the longest in the state, and has been threatening residents with an earthquake of catastrophic proportions since 1857, when a 7.9 magnitude earthquake hit the state. Since then, the fault has been relatively quiet, and this silence is what has scientists concerned that something much larger is on the way.
Research shows that earthquakes should be relieving about 16 feet of accumulated plate movement every 100 years, and the San Andreas fault has been building up for more than a century, leaving it unknown just how much has been building up.

It is important now more than ever that California residents are prepared for when this day inevitably comes. A 2008 study suggests that an eruption on the San Andreas fault would cause more than 1,800 deaths, 50,000 injuries, $200 billion in damage, and severe, long-lasting disruptions.



The quake is likely to cause solid shaking for over 2 minutes, with the strongest pulls in the Coachella Valley, Inland Empire, and Antelope Valley. Los Angeles and San Bernadino Counties will also feel the effects, especially as things like sewage, electricity, and water are likely to be heavily affected for what may even last months


Experts are suggesting that households start preparing for the day now, stocking up on basic necessities and discussing emergency precautions and plans, especially with younger children.
How prepared is your family for an earthquake?

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