Single Mom Drops Kids Off At Daycare, Then Finds Them Crying And Covered In Massive Burns


On Friday, July 22, an Oklahoma Daycare planned an expedition that turned into a nightmare for single mom, Shaunna Broadway.

Shaunna is a single mom of two boys, 7-year-old Connor and 5-year-old Trey, who both attend the Happiness Is A Learning Center.

Because she works a full-time job, she has to entrust her boys with the local daycare. On one particularly hot day, the staff decided to take all the kids on an adventure to the Splash Pad water pad.

Because of the brutal heat, with temperatures blazing up to 110 degrees, her two sons didn’t want to wear their T-shirts. The daycare workers allowed them to take their shirts off, even though they had run out of sunscreen.

When Shaunna picked them up, they were not only beet red and in excruciating pain, but their bodies were covered with massive blisters, with Connor suffering from one on his back the size of a fist!

Both boys had to be airlifted to a burn facility, where they were treated for second and third degree burns.

This daycare center has been cited 19 times by the Oklahoma Department of Human Services, but the severity of the sun is something that can effect all children.

So, how do we protect our children’s delicate skin? Dermatologist Doris Day recommends trying to avoid midday sun exposure, in addition to a broad spectrum sunscreen of 30+, which should be reapplied every few hours. She also suggests dressing children in protective gear, such as hats, sunglasses, and sun-protective clothing. This applies even in the wintertime — despite the frigid temperatures and multiple layers, the sun is just as powerful behind those grey clouds.

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Warning: the following video contains footage that some viewers may find difficult to watch.