She Thought Her Husband Was Crazy For Nailing Chairs To The Wall – Until She Saw Why


Need a new shelf, furniture, or a lamp? Before you go shopping, look in your backyard, trash bin, or your neighbor’s patio for “upcycling” materials that can bring new life to old things, there are no rules in creativity!

skateboard picnic3


Hat Lamps

A cool top-hat can become a modern lighting fixture. If you do not have a hat collector in the family, look for discarded chapeaus at consignment shops or even garage sales.

hat lamps

Mini Closet

Create a miniature closet out of old wooden folding chairs. It can provide much needed shelf space and a rod to hang clothes — perfect for small dorms or studio apartments!

convert folding chairs

A Book Is Its Own Bookshelf

A favorite read is transformed into a stylish bookshelf for little treasures. Plus, you still get to keep the book!

books as shelves

Unique Coat Hanger

A beat up wrench becomes a sturdy hook to hang your heavy winter coats.

wrench wall hook


Wine Bottle Pendant Lamps

After enjoying the bottle the first time ’round, you can re-use it to light up your world.



Wine Bottle Chandelier

Leftover wine from a family gathering gets a makeover as a classy chandelier.

wine chandelier1

Cute Tea Lights From Bottle Caps

Save the leftover wax from burned out candles and re-melt it into these bottle cap tea lights. You can purchase cheap candle wicks in bulk, either online or from your local craft store.



Light Bulb Oil Lamps

Spent light bulbs can still give off light when re-purposed as an unusual oil lamp.

oil lamp bulb


Drum Set Chandelier

Drum up some visual interest in your “garage band” room with this rock’n chandelier.

drum chandelier 3

Kids Skateboard Play Table

Old skateboard decks are a perfect platform for your mini-me’s to do crafts, paint, or have a picnic lunch.

skateboard picnic2


Piano Book Shelf

A discarded piano can become a unique bookshelf!

piano shelf

tgm design

That Bicycle Sink

An old bicycle stands in for a modern sink, while the basket conveniently stores hand towels. Let’s hope the tires don’t ever get a flat!


Benjamin Bullins

Relaxing Bathtub Couch

When is the last time you relaxed in your bathtub couch?


Suitcase Chair or Pampered Pet Pad?

If you invite guests to sit in your suitcase chair, they may have to shoo away your dog or cat from their new favorite sleeping spot.

suitcase chair1

Rainbow Room Divider

Plastic clothes hangers can be stacked and packed to make a colorful room divider.

room divider

Color TV Aquarium

The frame from a vintage box TV set is transformed into an aquarium. No more watching black and white fish!



Careful now, your tennis racket “mirror, mirror on the wall” may have a “backhanded” response.

tennis mirror

Wheel Clock

The wheels of time are turning on this unusual bicycle wheel clock!

wheel clock


Bagel Lunch Box

An old CD spindle case is a perfect match for a toasted multi-grain bagel with smoked salmon and avocado.

bagel holder


Pop Bottle Broom

A plastic soda pop bottle is reincarnated as a broom.

bottle broom


Stuffed Mitten-Munk

Cosmetic sewing surgery can turn a plain Jane mitten into a stunning Chipmunk starlet!

mitten chipmunk2

Roll With It

Empty toilet paper tubes can be used to organize all the cable clutter from TV’s, tablets, cell phones, computers, etc.

tp rolls

Unlimited Credit Guitar Picks

Bad credit or no credit – as long as you can find a piece of plastic and a guitar pick punch, you have an unlimited amount of wealth to create masterful music!

guitar picks

Cassette Coin Purse

Convert a 1980’s cassette tape into a coin purse to hold your Susan B. Anthony’s and a rolled up $2 bill.

cassette purse


Stained Glass Fence

A well marbled fence is a treat to the eyes when the sun sets.  Just don’t catch your kids fingers ruining your quickie fix-it job!

marble fence

PC Mailbox

An old PC tower lives on as a mailbox. Is it PC to ask if the mailman will deliver your e-mail?


While not many people will have a use for a PC mailbox or will ever see a discarded piano, we are all surrounded by basic items made of wood, plastic, metal and glass. All materials take time and energy to create, and aren’t always efficient to recycle. Before you throw something in the trash, think about whether or not it’s a treasure waiting to be rediscovered.