There Have Been A Ton Of Classic I Love Lucy Moments. But Few Make Me Laugh As Hard As THIS One…


The show I Love Lucy has been a classic for years. Lucille Ball was the star of the show, known for her hilarious antics. She is known for much for her comedy work, because of how amazing a Hollywood comedian she was.

This one video shows you just how funny Lucille Ball can be, as it’s a classic one from the show I Love Lucy.

In it, Lucy and her husband as well as the Mertzes are visiting Alaska to look at land that they had bought. Unfortunately, there is only one hotel room they can manage to find, so they have to share it.

This leads to everyone having to sleep in their own beds, because at the time of filming, actors in shows weren’t allowed to be seen sleeping in the same bed as another person. Because of this Lucy then decides that she wants the hammock for the night.

You quickly learn that Lucy has never used a hammock before, and her attempts to try and sleep on it will crack you up.

She tries time and time again, but has little luck in getting and staying in bed, because every time she tries she is flipped out of bed onto the floor!

At one point an employee from the hotel knocks on the door that Lucy’s hammock is attached to, and swings it wide open, letting her fall right out.

Then to make sure that won’t ever happen again, Lucy changes where the hammock is hanging from to a different door. Then just a few minutes after Lucy finally manages to get in bed just to be thrown out again because the employee comes back, but instead through the other door!

The look on Lucille Ball’s face when she falls from her hammock is so funny that you just have to see it for yourself!

Watch the video down below and tell us what you thought of this hilarious clip in the comments below!