VIDEO: I’ve Made A Lot Of Desserts In My Life, But None Are Easier Than THIS One-Pan Recipe…


Have you ever come across something that was so much better than expected? I know I have. Whether it be a food that tasted better than it looked, or a sale that was even cheaper than anticipated, I LOVE when things turn out for the best!

This is exactly the scenario with this beloved Strawberry Dump Cake recipe. The name might defer some people from trying it, but it’s actually even better than it sounds.

The best part about this recipe, aside from how tasty it is, is how simple it is to make.

The cake itself only has three ingredients, while the fancy topping just requires two.

You will need one Betty Crocker box of cake mix, a pound of frozen strawberries, and a stick and a half of butter.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Next, empty the whole pound of strawberries into a 9X13” cooking pan.

The next step is to drizzle half of the butter over the strawberries. Add in the cake mix, sprinkled on top.

Add the rest of the butter on top of the cake mix and strawberries and stick this bad boy in the oven!

The delicious dish should only take about fifty minutes to bake thoroughly. You’ll be able to tell that it’s ready to be taken out of the oven when the strawberries are looking bubbly and the cake mix looks brown and crunchy.

Now comes the fun part, the whipped topping! You’ll need a container of Cool-Whip (or any generic brand variation you choose) and 12 ounces of Yoplait’s original strawberry yogurt.

Whip the yogurt and Cool-Whip together until you have a beautiful fluffy and pink topping for the Strawberry Dump Cake!

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