> Twin Boys Get In An Argument, Then Make Up In The Cutest Way Possible

Twin Boys Get In An Argument, Then Make Up In The Cutest Way Possible


Being the oldest child can be a lot of responsibility. Speaking from personal experience, I can tell you that you are expected to pioneer a lot of things for your younger sibs, sometimes leaving them behind in the process.

As a result, oldest kids can have a real independent streak. They have to work hard to keep ‘adventurous’ from turning into ‘aloof’ where younger brothers and sisters are involved. Just look at this little girl’s reaction to finding out she’ll have to share the spotlight.

I always thought that maybe this rule didn’t apply to twins, who are usually just minutes apart in age, and often share hobbies and talents. Then I saw this hilarious video, and it totally proved me wrong. As it turns out, little Michael is a little bit more venturesome than his slightly-younger twin, JonMichael.

According to their mother, JonMichael prefers to look before he leaps, and utilize the buddy system when it comes to trying new things. Michael likes to go it alone, and jump right into any new exploit. But, as you can see from the video, they are both learning to work together!

As mom Tonja explains in a comment on Facebook, “My goal is to teach them to love, care and stick together as brothers. I want them to keep one another accountable and to remain connected…to be each others [sic] keepers.”

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