VIDEO: After Seeing This Secret Footage, You’ll Never Buy Eggs At A Supermarket Again. BOYCOTT THEM!


For the last 8-years, Costco has claimed that the eggs they’ve been selling to the public are from cage free chickens. But a recent video has proven that this has all been a terrible lie.

In the documentary video below, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes account of a day-in-the-life of a Costco chicken. And it’s disturbing, disgusting, and down-right horrible…

If you’ve never bought eggs at Costco, you’ve probably never seen their packaging. On the egg carton, you’ll not only see the “cage-free” claim, but a picture of happy chickens out on the farm roaming free in front of the barn.

But this depiction couldn’t be further from the truth…

The Humane Society of the United States conducted an undercover investigation about the lives of chickens at Costco’s egg suppliers. They were shocked by the lies America’s been fed by the retail giant for years.

As the video proves, the Costco chickens were held captive in the worst living conditions an animal can be kept in. They have no freedom at all and are forced to live on top of each other.

Chickens were seen living in their own feces. They were even forced to walk on top of dead chickens because handlers seldom cleaned their cages – even when chickens died from the terrible conditions.

If chickens are kept cooped up in cages, the risk of Salmonella greatly increases, the Center for Food Safety continues to warn. Costco chickens are high risk.

Watch the video footage below and learn the truth behind Costco’s “cage-free” eggs.

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