VIDEO: She Stabs Old Rose Stems Into A Small Potato. When I Saw What Happens Days Later? UTTER SHOCK


Flowers are a perfect gift for any number of occasions. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, or just a normal day when you want to make someone feel special, receiving a bouquet of flowers does wonder for brightening up someone’s day.

While receiving cut flowers is a beautiful thing, the sad truth is that they wilt pretty quickly. We’ve shared a number of tips to help you preserve your bouquet longer than normal like using vodka or even sugar, but this trick will help you do so much more. When you learn how to use a potato, you can help your roses regrow their roots. That means you can enjoy the flowers for a longer time than any bouquet could possibly allow…

So what do you need to help your roses regrow their roots and prosper once again?

-Cut rose
-Plastic bottle
-Flower pot

Take a look at your bouquet. Now select the rose that you’d like to regrow in the pot. If you’d like, you can do this process for several roses and have a number of them regrow their roots. If that’s the case, just follow these steps and repeat for each individual flower.

Once you’ve selected your rose, remove all the leaves. Then cut the stem at a 45 degree angle about one and a half inches below the flower bud.

TIP: If your flower is still blooming beautifully, place it in some water and enjoy it for another day or two.

Now it’s time to work with your potato. Take a sharp object and drill a hole in the spud that is exactly the size of the rose stem. Don’t make it too big. You don’t want the stem to be able to wiggle around in the potato.

Next fill your flower pot with 2-3 inches of soil (depending on the size of the planter) and then set your potato right in the middle.

At this point, fill the rest of your pot with soil. Surround the rose bud and make sure the entire potato is covered with highly nutritious potting soil.

You’ve pretty much finished all the work. Now all that’s left for you to do is create a miniature greenhouse to speed up the growth cycle. For this, a plastic water bottle does the trick perfectly.

To create the greenhouse, cut the bottom off the plastic bottle. Carefully set it around the rose stem sticking it into the soil slightly.

Now when you water your rose, pour the water on the outside of the plastic bottle instead of on the inside. This will protect the plant for drowning.

From here on out, just cross your fingers and pray for signs of life. The first shoots should appear quickly.

This trick can work for any number of rose bushes. If it doesn’t work on your first try, don’t worry. Try it again. You might want to start the process with a few rose stems to give yourself better odds of success.

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